we are cre8iv

Welcome. If you are reading this, you are cre8iv too.

We’ve been helping creatives for over 25 years find themselves, express themselves, and make creativity a part of their life. Musicians, graphic artists, singers, authors, songwriters, authors, audio engineers, producers, and many others have come to us to get direction, and start their careers. We’d love to help you too.

Eric Copeland, President (& lead cre8iv)

ecEric was writing stories and drawing comic books before he turned 10 years old, and writing songs and recording music by 13. Throughout his life he has been the go-to guy for those wanting to realize their creative lives. He’s produced literally thousands of albums, singles, videos, stories, and untold ideas over the last 40 years serving creative people, and audiences around the world.

It doesn’t quite matter what your goal as an artistic person, Eric has likely been part of that creative world at some point in his professional career. Wearing every hat from Music Producer, Graphic Designer, Songwriter/Composer, Pianist/Keyboardist, Web Designer, Technical Editor, Video Editor. You name it, Eric has likely done it in his professional career.

He also is an artist on his own, with many albums to his credit. Learn more here: http://www.EricCopelandMusic.com

Email Eric now > ec@cre8iv.com