Preparing for a Life in Music (Course)

zachAt some point everyone dreams of being involved in music in their life. Either as a musician, artist, or maybe even being in the music business. But where does the student go to find out how to make the best steps towards those goals once they leave high school?

I have been a lifelong musician, songwriter, producer, church musician, and professional musician. I also had to try and make this decision at 17 and I failed miserably. Even though I was a talented songwriter and keyboardist, I wasn’t sure if I should major in music, and was even warned against it by my own musician father. He wanted me to major in business administration and I relented, much to my eternal regret. I stumbling around in different majors for years until of course I left college to join a band and go on the road.

As it turned out I found my own way to live a life and eventually build a business in music and have ended up working in Nashville for the last few decades producing music and working with artists from around the world. I also returned to college later in life, finishing my degree studying music history and music business. This study has led to pursuing a Masters in music, and now speaking with my clients often about the best road for them to live a life successful in music.

As consulting is one of my main jobs with anyone I work with in music, teaching has become perhaps my greatest pleasure in my music work. One of the areas that I feel is seriously neglected is someone to help students make a great music decision at a crucial time of their lives. So I have developed a course that will help.

4918221389_8d5b6b0bcd_bThis ongoing course explores what it takes to navigate from wherever you are to where you want to be in music. This ongoing study is equally applicable for groups, but eventually individual attention is absolutely essential since each persons route to a life in music is different. Everyone has specific God-given talents and experiences that will lead them to their own unique musical life.

I have worked with many high school age musicians, singers, and other creatives that are working with their parents on trying to decide the next best steps. Education is always at the forefront of that decision, but they also wonder if it’s necessary or prudent. As I am currently working on a Master’s in music after a long and still busy music business career, I have insight for here students from both sides of the music tracks.

Many students wonder if they need a music degree. Will it limit or help them? Parents want to know if they should invest for this for their children.

In this course we try to get to know each student and ask the following questions.

* Is a college music education the right step for the individual?
* What’s the difference between a state school and specialty music college?
* What about technical schools for music production like Full Sail?
* What are the job opportunities in the real music world?
* What is the music business like these days, and what are employment possibilities there?
* Is this student talented enough for a music program, or even a music life?

There are so many questions, and answering these completely depends on the individual. But there are also group things to discuss and learn from.

We’d be interested in bringing a weekly class to your school in this crucial topic for talented music students, which would also include individual consulting with students and their families.

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