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We feel strongly that the best way to equip creative people is to teach from experience. And we have that. In fact, in our own experience and that of our hundreds of creative clients and contractors through the years, we have been through every thing you have and much more.

So we have outlined some unique lesson plans and consulting strategies for creative people from all walks of life.

4918221389_8d5b6b0bcd_bMusic Life – Maybe you are just a talented teen, or adult, and trying to figure out the best path to a life in music. Do you really need to go to school? Where do you get started? Who do you talk to in order to accomplish your goals? What should you be doing now?

We have counseled countless folks through the years to make the right decisions, despite what parents, friends, and others say (who really have never gone down those roads.) Actually, your parents, spouse, or friends might want to hear what we have to say to you.

Find out more about our “Preparing for a Music Life” course here.

cowriteSongwriting/Composing – Many of you have been writing songs for years, but what do you do with them?

Work with an experienced and published composer and songwriter to help become stronger in your writing and move towards getting your songs published and out to the world.

This also applies if you are looking to major in composition studies in a college music program. We can help you get started and on your way.

Contact us now about working on your songwriting/composing.

Artist Development – Perhaps you are focused on being a recording and touring music artist. How do you get started, or restarted? We have literally done this hundreds of times with artists.

Become the performing and recording artist you’ve always wanted to be. Learn the steps to getting from where you are to where you want to be. Put together a plan to reach your goals with a producer who has helped hundreds of artists find a direction, record, and build a music career. Specializations in Pop/Rock, Christian/Gospel, Jazz, and Classical

Contact us here to work with us on your music.

img_5408Music/Studio Production – Start your life as a recording engineer or music producer before you invest in an expensive school, and begin finding and working on your own music business now. Work with someone who has built a six-figure music business for over a decade even as the music industry has begun to shrink and falter. Education may in fact be your best bet, or it might not. Let’s talk about it.

Piano/Keyboard – Are you wanting to learn the basics of the piano, keyboards, or synthesizer? Our goal is to teach you piano in a way that’s not being currently taught anywhere else, and includes sight reading, ear training, and composing. Fun. The way learning to play the piano should be.

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ecpedroRecent Nashville transplant, producer and songwriter Eric Copeland has helped hundreds of artists, songwriters, musicians. and others build a working life in music that lasts, that makes a difference, and that can potentially become a career.

These unique teaching services are for anyone at any level, from amateur looking to get started, to working professional ready to reach a new next level of success. We work in the world of music business consulting, studio production (both in Nashville and Orlando), and music marketing full time with artists all around the world. We are now offering these services to the artist, songwriter, musician, and music business focused individual or group in the Central Florida area, or online from anywhere in the world.

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